What are the major pitfalls of sourcing from China?

Outsourcing your manufacturing to a country thousands of miles away and with a vastly different culture inherently has its risks. The pool of Chinese factories is limitless, but the level of service and product quality they provide vary greatly. Thus, it is very risky to pick suppliers from a distance.

Because of deep cultural differences, Chinese suppliers often need to be micro-managed locally in order to meet the expectations of overseas buyers. Having a trusted specialist like Langdi China Sourcing working side by side with the factories to convey the buyer's requirements is really the only way to guarantee success.

Why is Langdi China Sourcing ?

Unlike many other American sourcing companies, Langdi China Sourcing has the expertise, infrastructure, and contacts within China to best serve your needs. We offer a sole source array of services to fill all upcoming needs that a company expanding overseas will require. No other sourcing company can provide you with the legal and business knowledge to make your life "worry-free."

Put us to the test, Our team of bilingual Chinese managers and local staff will be where you need them the most! We look forward to working with you.

What can I expect from working with Langdi China Sourcing?

•Professional and clear communication
•Peace of mind that we will can communicate to the suppliers in their own language
•Improved product quality
•Lower prices
•On-time delivery and shorter lead times
•Reduction in shipping costs
•Improved transparency and greater peace of mind

What types of factories will handle our orders?
We place all customer orders with professional, quality-conscious manufacturers. Our American managers personally visit all potential suppliers to ensure that adequate quality and social standards are being met.

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